Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v New England Patriots

Source: Jared Wickerham / Getty

A trip to South Beach should never end up this bad. The Houston Texans got embarrassed in a 44-26 blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins had four scoring plays of over 50+ yards in the first half ALONE, highlighted by a Fins RB Lamar Miller 85 yard TD run.

At one point the score was 41-0. Thank God Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell felt compelled to take his foot off the gas. So many things went wrong for the home team but here are the big ones:

1. RB Arian Foster is loss for the season with Achilles tear.

2. Backup QB Ryan Mallet misses the team flight and has to fly commercial.

3. Texans defense gave up 236 yards and two TD’s just to Lamar Miller in the 1st half!

“Terrible,” coach Bill O’Brien said of the Texans’ performance. “It’s something I take full responsibility for.”

It seems he makes this admission after every painful loss. So now that the team is almost to mid season with a 2-5 record what need to be done?

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