Happy 53rd Birthday Hip Hop Pioneer, Busy Bee !!

David Parker Aka Busy Bee Starski known for his rap comedy, originally gained a large following through MC rap battles in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

Before Busy Bee made a name for himself as a skilled MC, he was asked by Afrika Bambaataa to join his Zulu Nation where the young MC would DJ for Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation parties.

He later picked up a mic and rocked the parties and would drew large crowds of people eager to see him perform. Making a name for himself in the early days of underground Hip Hop.

Then in December of 1981 he was famously roasted by Kool Moe Dee in the what is considered the first rap battles ever documented at Harlem World in Manhattan. You can see how battle rap has evolved over the last few decades inspiring some of hip hop’s most memorable lines and quotes, and none would be possible without the Busy Bee vs Kool Moe Dee battle.

He took an L but that didnt stop him from winning the New Music Seminar’s MC World Supremacy Belt in 1985

Today we salute one of the pioneers in rap battle history, Happy Birthday many more!

Here’s the infamous battle and roast enjoy:


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