TLC - T-Boz, Chilli, and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez

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TLC is one of the world’s most beloved groups of the 90’s, but fans are angry with them right now.

The group has been through so much from being scammed from the industry to losing their member Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. Fans have always been supportive but right now fans feel they’ve been scammed by TLC.

Back in January the ‘Waterfalls’ group began a Kickstarter Page asking fans for their financial support saying they wanted creative freedom and set a goal of $150,000.  The fans came pouring out of their hearts and including Singer Katy Perry even donated $5,000 to the cause for a total arounds $450,000!

The album set to release late 2015 has still not been released, nor a single, nor promotion or any word about it yet… Fans took to twitter to express their frustration and impatience.

TLC had been on tour this summer with New Kids & Nelly, so maybe they’ve just been hustling and need extra time? I mean making an album does take time after all.

The only response was from T-Boz on twitter saying ” ASK KICKSTARTER FOR YO MONEY BACK.”

Not sure that was the greatest response, the fans do need answers after sponsoring your album, hello?

We’ll keep you updated on this story…I hope to see a new album, I love TLC!


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