Every day is one day closer to the last day. When you’re young you don’t think about time as you are always in a rush to get older…faster. Then one day, it happens… you start thinking about finding ways to turn back the clock so the lessons you learned along the way could be replayed by your younger self. There is no fountain of youth or time machine but there is wisdom. The wisdom to know that it doesn’t matter how much time you have but it’s how you spend the time that really matters. As you go about your daily to do list today… take a moment to make sure that you grasp each second, minute, hour, day with passion! Love those that love you back. Do the things you always wanted to do. Don’t waste time on jobs or people or things that don’t make your heart sing. Check out these words by Steve Jobs… he wasn’t a perfect man by any means but he inspires me be bold, be brave and to grasp life by the balls!

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