Mobb Deep In Concert

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The Queensbridge group Mobb Deep is taking their record label to court.

Prodigy stated that Universal Music group has been using Mobb Deep’s music and his solo work without permission, according to a report from XXL. Reports mentioned that the New York group was suing for $57,489, but actually the rapper explained “that’s like my lawyer’s fee,” Prodigy claims that he and Havoc are owed is “definitely well into the seven figures. I don’t know for sure, but we definitely found a lot of money being owed to us.”

Prodigy says that he had his lawyers do a routine audit of Universal and found that it was not paying him or Havoc what they are due.

We found out that they were doing things without our signatures, without permission,” he says. “There was a lot of movies and TV shows and stuff like using Mobb Deep’s music and my music and we found out that they were doing a lot of stuff without permission, so now it’s time to pay up.


Prodigy and Havoc signed with Universal in 1995 when it used to be called BMG.

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