Lucasfilm and Disney are looking to revamp the Star Wars series with the upcoming seventh installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Pre-sales for the movie are already at $50 million and is more than likely to jump even higher upon the film’s actual release. Some are expecting the film to become one of the biggest films of all time.

With this seemingly surefire success for the film, Lucasfilm and Disney are already on the hunt for casting the next series of characters in the franchise. This includes the search for the next Han Solo. Word is casting director Jeanne McCarthy has to filter through over 2,500 actors who have either met on the planned spin-off or recorded themselves on video. This doesn’t even count those interested in the role outside of the U.S. Luckily, McCarthy does have some time to find the perfect actor since shooting for the film doesn’t start until January 2017 for a projected May 2018 release.

Actors who have already read for the part or sent in video auditions include Dave Franco, 30, Miles Teller, 28, Nick Robinson (Jurassic World), 20 and Leo Howard (Kickin’ It), 18. Age range for the role is wide as well with the youngest being 16 year-old Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead to Mr. Robot‘s Rami Malek, 34. Casting is also being directed across the pond with Ed Westwick and Tom Felton being among those considered.

Requirements for this Han Solo are as follows: someone who looks at least a bit like a young Ford…and can be funny and charming as well as handle the expected action scenes.

Know anyone who would fit the part?


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