Rob G's Good & Terrible Back In The Day Video

Source: Rob G. The General / Rob G. The General

One thing I love about YouTube is looking at classic Hip Hop videos that I may have missed back in the day. Some kids may not remember this but there was a time before MTV and BET were videos were not played 24/7. Usually you had to stay up late and watch Friday Night Videos and after sitting through an hour of the latest from Aerosmith, Tom Petty or Wham you got to catch that one Michael Jackson or Prince song you loved (with the credits rolling through it). Rarely (if ever) did you see Hip Hop represented.

But now with a nice wifi connection I can discover videos I never new existed. Like this one from the Bay Boys featuring a female beat boxer by the name of K-Love. The song is called Inspector Gadget (taken from the cartoon detective of the same name). Everything about this video is bad. From the choreography or lack thereof to the fact it’s filmed in a a junkyard. But hey it was 1985 what should I have expected?

BTW at the 1:25 mark you will hear a line that kicked off a Notorious B.I.G. classic.


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