Police Emergency Lights

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A man impersonating a New Jersey police officer trying to make a traffic stop picked the wrong car to pull over.

According to ABC News, just before Christmas, police stated, Richard Goldrick was driving on the Garden State Parkway when he decided to use his emergency lights in his 2013 black Chevrolet Suburban and attempted to pull over a real New Jersey officer.

Sgt. Charles Stab, who is a night sergeant at the Woodbridge Police Department, was driving to work when a car flashed its high beams at him, indicating for him to move. “I wasn’t trying to prevent him from going forward,” he said. “[I] just couldn’t go anywhere.”

Stab thought he was being stopped by an undercover officer. It wasn’t his first time being stopped by an unmarked car, he said.

Once both cars were stopped, Goldrick drove past him and took off at a “high speed,” Stab said. “I immediately knew something wasn’t right,” He had an inkling that the driver was a “fake police officer,” so he caught up to him on the highway to obtain his license plate number.

The Woodbridge Sargent called the state police and went about his business and headed to work.

The next day, Goldrick was taken into custody at the Holmdel Township Police Department and charged with impersonating a police officer, possession of a weapon, and possession of false government documents, including police badges and placards from the New Jersey State Police.

Police seized a .22 caliber handgun, hollow point ammunition, and fraudulent documents from inside Goldrick’s car.

Goldrick was held at the Monmouth County Jail in lieu of a $52,000 cash bail.



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