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Rice is one of those things that I don’t cook too often. And that’s because it takes too long. We use brown rice so it takes about 40-45 minutes to cook. And I just don’t have time for that! haha! BUT, I have found a solution! I cook my rice in bulk and then freeze it! Now, I have rice when I need it and I don’t have to wait for almost an hour to get it!

Here’s how you do it:

Cook your rice like you normally would (white rice takes about 20 mins and brown rice takes about 40 mins).

Let your rice cool completely. This is important. It has to be completely cool before you can freeze it.

Portion your rice into separate freezer bags then throw in the freezer! You might even check out these Foodsaver machines which are awesome to use when freezing.

Reheating is easy, too!

Simply take it out of the freezer and run water over the bag to loosen it up a bit.

Put the rice into a microwave-safe container with a small amount of water in the dish. About 1/4 cup.

Cover and microwave 4-5 mins.

That’s it! So quick and easy.

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