27. Predicting the future from those 1-8 numbered finger paper games

26. The way we used to rent VHS tapes, not DVDs, especially from Blockbuster

25. Messing up the lyrics to “Waterfalls” by TLC

TLC Award

Source: Karl Feile / Getty

24. Playing MASH to figure out your whole life story

23. The pain you felt once CDs rolled around

22. Waterful ring-toss was one of the hardest games you’d ever played

21. Learning that Pikachu can’t be our lifelong companion

20. That the recipe for Ed’s Good Burger Sauce doesn’t exist

19. The best video games like Mario and Sonic

Nintendo Game Boy, 1989.

Source: Science & Society Picture Library / Getty

18. Heads up, 7-Up was the go-to classroom game

17. Sour Warheads were the best worst candy

16. Playing laser tag with Super Soakers and Nerf guns

Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls File Photos

Source: S. Granitz / Getty

15. Michael Jordan was everything

14. Blowing video games to get them to work

13. Book-fair handouts

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