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Taxes, Houston traffic, and Super Bowl parties. These are three things that gnaw at my last nerves. Don’t get me wrong I love the food and drinks that are being served but usually I can’t stand the company of people who attend these events.

I’m a football guy. Have been since my grandpa took to a Cowboys vs. Oilers pre-season game for the Governer’s cup in Texas Stadium in the late 70’s. I love the game but what I don’t love are fools who have little to no experience about football running off at the mouth during the biggest game of the year. Always saying something dumb like “why don’t they just score a TD”, “replay that commercial I didn’t hear it” or “what time does Beyoncé come on” uuuugghhhhhhhh! I’d rather watch the game on a hand held Black and White TV than to listen to that nonsense.

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From now on before I agree to attend any Super Bowl party I need to know if they have a “football lovers only” room. Otherwise I’ll just stay home and order a pizza.


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