After McDonald’s saw a huge win with Travis Scott and his McDonald’s meal, the fast-food giant has reached into the reggaeton bag and tapped J Balvin as its latest artist menu collaborator.

“I’ve been a fan of McDonald’s since I was a kid,” Balvin told HYPEBEAST about the collab. “When I was a kid growing up [in Colombia,] we didn’t have McDonald’s until later so when I visited the United States it was like always like ‘First thing, we gotta go to McDonald’s,’ and I’d get my usual Big Mac, Oreo McFlurry and medium french fries with ketchup. I’ve always gotten the same thing since I was a kid — no pickles, though.”

Sure enough, Balvin’s meal is exactly that. A Big Mac sandwich with no pickles, a medium-size fry and an Oreo McFlurry.

“When McDonald’s called me up to ask about this collaboration, I immediately said yes,” Balvin said. “It was a huge part of my childhood and my day-to-day. McDonald’s is just part of the culture, you know? I grew up with it and I’m proud to be the first Latino to have [an exclusive menu]. It’s really cool to represent a lot of ‘firsts’ for my people, like my Jordan collab, the Super Bowl show. I mean, it’s even Hispanic Heritage Month so the timing is [right].”

The J Balvin meal is available at McDonald’s from October 5 until November 1. There’s also set to be a massive merchandise rollout that ties in with the collaboration so be on the lookout for that as well.

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