One of hip-hop’s pioneer feminists discusses America’s educational distress.

MC Lyte discussed the importance of education in an interview with Vlad-TV, “I’m putting all of my efforts to raise money to send kids to college,MC Lyte says in the interview.  “With education comes options. When you don’t have options, you look to other ways to make money and sometimes those ways lead to illegal activity.

MC Lyte founded Hip Hop Sisters Network, “a non-profit foundation that promotes positive images of women of ethnic diversity, bringing leaders together from the world of Hip Hop, the entertainment industry, and the corporate world.

MC Lyte says that getting an education is as difficult as ever these days.

It feels like everything is on a downward spiral and education has become one the least important aspects of what needs to be done for the kid,” MC Lyte says. “It’s a bit of a disgrace on the government’s part that we’ve come to this and No Child Left Behind has left us with graduates who still don’t read. “

MC Lyte says that teachers, kids and the government have to work together to educate the populace.

“I think the strive for an education can come from the person themselves, “ MC Lyte says in the interview. “Kids say, ‘You can’t make me go to school!’ Once they get there, what do they do? Back in my day the teachers cared. It’s a working together that has to happen with the school systems and citizens who want to go to school.”

In October MC Lyte released the Common-assisted track “Dear John” to raise further awareness for the education cause.

“’Dear John’ f/ Common & 10Beats, is the anthem for #EducateOURMen, which is the signature scholarship initiative of MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which has presented two $100,000 university scholarships during the Soul Train Music Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show each year since the organization’s founding,” HipHopDX wrote about the song in October. “This year, the foundation will present dozens of scholarships earmarked to send men to HBCU’s. Russell Simmons, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jada Pinkett Smith and Faith Evans are just of the few celebrities who support the foundation’s movement (EducateOURMen.info).

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