2016 Final Four

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The NCAA Men’s Final Four will be played here in Houston April 2-4. But, before we get there half the fun is filling out a bracket. I’ve filled out at least one and as many as 12 every year since 1983. Most of the time my bracket is about 94% correct. There are a couple of things you NEED to adhere to if you hope to maximize your chances of winning your office pool. So in honor of the Final Four here are five things to know before you submit your bracket.

1. A #1 seed has never loss to a #16 seeded team. I attended Hampton University and I love my school, but there is no way I’m picking them to beat Virginia, and neither should you.

2. A #12 seed almost always beats a #5 seed in the first round. You can set your watch by it.

3. Only once in the history of the tournament (2008) have all four #1 seeds made the Final Four. One of them is going down early. Don’t be surprised.

4. No team ranked lower than #8 has made the championship game since 1985. Cinderella teams only goes so far in the tournament so don’t fell in love with them.

5. More than likely A #1 seed or #2 seed will be playing for the championship. In the 77 years of the tournament only three times (1989, 2011, 2013) has the title game not featured one of the top two seeds.

Have fun filling out your bracket (and tearing it up).


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