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Ava Max is here!

The singer details how weird everything has been during quarantine and the pandemic, releasing her debut album Heaven And Hell and how she had the title in mind for more than a year, how she’s managed to connect with fans via personal emails, the one time a stalker came to her parents’ house all the way from France, finding her confidence with the album, why she has a honey and coffee concoction, what she’s planning to do with the holidays and more!

“We’re in quarantine, it’s fun to do different things in quarantine,” Ava said on reaching back to fans by writing them personal emails. “Even obviously if we weren’t in quarantine but especially now it’s a great way to connect socials and online. Plus, I can’t see you personally!”

Looking back, the singer could remember one particular fan who was a little bit too obsessed.

“I had a stalker come to my parent’s house, all the way from France,” Ava revealed. “They’re in Sherman Oaks and they’re moving, they’re not gonna be there for long. But it was funny ’cause the stalker came to their house like, ‘I know she’s here!’ And I was on tour! And my mom sent me a picture and my mom was like, ‘He’s just outside the gate…’ So I found that kind of strange but, my mom said he was nice. Parents are funny but yeah, she was good in denying I wasn’t there.”

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