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I’ve been married for almost 7 years. We almost didn’t make it to our 2nd anniversary. Like many couples we didn’t know how to resolve our differences effectively. A divorce was imminent. Papers were filed, lawyers were hired, and child support payments were scheduled. That’s how far we got down the line before God intervened and brought us back together.

I learned many things during this time. One of the most useful was to watch who you tell your martial business to. It’s important to know the type of person you are airing your dirty laundry out to. You must seek “wise counsel” at all times. You probably won’t get the best advice from someone who has 1) never been married or 2) been through multiple failed marriages.

Bottom line: Try to keep your marriage and all its issues in house. Don’t go spreading bad news about your spouse all over town. While you may eventually forgive them and reconcile your marriage, there will always be that mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother or best friend who will always give your spouse the side eye. Don’t give them that power.


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