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I will never forget May 27th, 2014 my wife and I were blessed to welcome into the world a healthy baby girl. At the time our son, the Lil General was a highly active and super-charged 3 year old fueled on Skittles and orange juice it was imperative that my wife have some help during her recovery. Fortunately, I was able to take two weeks off because I had some paid vacation time saved up.

I wish I didn’t have to burn through those days because I like to save them for Thanksgiving, Christmas or how about this….a real vacation. Now I our company does offer unpaid leave thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act. But, going without a check for two weeks wasn’t going to work for me or my family.

I’ve heard some people question why the dad even needs this time off? Because the mom did all the work during delivery. I tell them the answer is right there in your argument. Mom’s deserve and need all the assistance they can receive after giving birth. An extra set of hands to do chores around the house or drive them to doctors appointments is not only appreciated but sometimes its needed.

While we have not planned to have more kids, it would be nice knowing I had some money coming in while I was off of work.

Where do you stand on this?

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