Sacramento Kings v Houston Rockets

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A 114-81 loss by the Houston Rockets to the Golden State Warriors has put an end to this lackluster season. The Rockets have been eliminated from the playoffs 4-1 with out much of a fight. All year long the home team has struggled with consistency and effort as witnessed by their 41-41 record.

To make matters worse Golden State was without the reining NBA MVP Steph Curry and easily handled the Rockets like lion hunting down a two-legged gazelle. It was swift and with out mercy.

So now we can turn our attention to the Houston Rockets off-season and the biggest question will focus around C Dwight Howard. He is expected to opt out of the contract he signed in 2013 in an effort to cash in on what may be his last big pay day. It is also expected that the Rocket will let him go test the waters without any resistance. Mainly because he and superstar guard James Harden couldn’t coexist on the court (or off of it as well according to some reports).

At only 30 years-old Howard should still be in his prime. But several back injuries have robbed him of the elite athleticm he once possessed. He is still capable of managing double digit scoring and rebounding (13.7 PPG and 11.8 RPG) but seriously doubt the Rockets brass wants to pay another $23M for bad chemistry and under 50% FT shooting.

I fully expect him to head back to the Orlando Majic the team that drafted him out of high school or a smaller market team like Milwaukee or Charlotte. He can ride out his last contract with relative ease, anonymity and lowered expectations.

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