Tobias Truvillion talks to Monie Love & Ed Lover about his character on “Empire,” named D-Major. D-Major is Jamal’s (played by Jussie Smollet) love interest. In the show, D-Major, who is a closeted gay man, is a respected producer in the music business. Tobias speaks on the concept of being on the down-low, D-Major’s backstory (as well as his many possible backstories) and whether or not he’ll be around for a long time. Plus, Tobias speaks about the rumors that have been flying around about Jussie Smollet possibly leaving the cast of Empire, and where his character could possibly go from there.

Tobias has made quite a name for himself as an actor; people are most familiar with his role as Vincent Jones on “One Life To Live.” But he also has some movie roles under his belt, from “Brooklyn’s Finest,” to “Hitch,” to “Paid In Full.” Click on the audio player to hear the fascinating discussion now in this exclusive interview on the “Ed Lover Show.

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