Will Packer is known to many in the movie business as a super-producer. Under his belt are major films like Think Like A ManRide Along and Ride Alone 2No Good DeedStomp The Yard and, notably, the new remake of Alex Haley‘s 1977 Roots series. He chats with Ed Lover about the new reboot and he thoughts about its significance, both the original and this new version.

He talks about how to get millennials to watch it, as they are the demographic that is most likely to turn a blind eye to it. But Will connects Roots to today, and says it’s more than just the same old story all over again. He explains why, in the time of Black Lives Matter, and in a time when Donald Trump is the republican party’s candidate for president, that Roots is an important thing. Click on the audio player to hear this motivating interview in this exclusive video on the Ed Lover Show.

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