Rock The Bells '09

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KRS-One shows his total support for hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa during a Q&A recently in England.

The Boogie Down Productions member says the allegations facing Bambaataa as “accusations and gossip.”

He also stated that anyone who had an issue with the former leader of the Zulu Nation should quit hip-hop. KRS-One believes that the victims are making accusations while hoping they would experience healing and pointed out that this is something for Afrika Bambaataa to deal with as opposed to the entire hip-hop culture.


The interviewer then asked for both sides – the victims and Afrika Bambaataa – to be given an equal platform since no one is untouchable. KRS-One then claims that “our leadership has to be untouchable.” KRS said hip-hop needs to understand “some of us are infallible.” He argued that hip-hop’s leaders must be beyond reproach or the entire culture will die.

Do you agree with KRS-One’s statement about Afrika Bambaataa?



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