Beastie-BoysDon’t play with the Beastie Boys’ money!

The legendary New York group is wanting an additional $2.4 million from Monster Energy on top of their original $1.7 million lawsuit filed against them. The Beastie Boys sued the multi-million dollar company for using one of their songs in the background of a video without permission.

Monster didn’t deny using the song wrongfully, but felt as though they shouldn’t have to pay more than $125,000. Billboard magazine reported that The Beasties didn’t get to see any of the $1.7 million because the money was used for legal fees against Monster.

Over the weekend (Jan. 17), a filing was created stating two years of litigation, an eight-day trial and Monster’s efforts to overturn the verdict resulted in a large bill for the group.

Read more about the Beasties and this legal drama, click here.

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