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An “alleged” car thief appears before a Miami Judge and her reaction to the defendant and what he did is priceless.

30-year-old Calvin Griffin was in court after police said he walked into High School and nabbed the keys to a staffer’s 2013 Volkswagen Passat.

According to a police report, Griffin was caught the next day when cops found him sitting on the school bleachers, wearing the same clothes as the day before.

During his time in front of Judge Catherine Pooler, Griffin decided his time in bond court appearance didn’t have to be a boring one. The North Miami man saw the court cameras and spontaneously twerked.

As you can see, Judge Pooler wasn’t amused.

According to the Miami Heard story, Griffin was arrested on a slew of charges: burglary of an occupied dwelling, petty theft, grand theft third degree and trespassing in a school safety zone. He left court with a bond of $18,500.

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