lifefeetNew laws are making it difficult for street performers these days.

Back in the day, New Yorkers were used to hearing the words “Showtime, ladies and gentlemen!” on their way to work on the New York’s subways. These days as described in a 18-minute documentary, “Litefeet,” you see how the subway dance crew, W.A.F.F.L.E., feels from the other side of the performance. Trying to cope with the crackdown of new laws that are in place for dancing on subways.

The city is seeking to take back the trains from performances, as the NYPD are making arrests with each 1, 2 step they come across.

In the documentary, the dancers, whose ages range from 6 to early 20s, express how they feel about the law involvement in their livelihood.

Are these laws needed? Should we have more laws preventing Street Perfromances? Comment Below…




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