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Footage of Beanie Sigel allegedly getting knocked out backstage by a Meek Mill affiliate at the Bad Boy concert in Philly this past weekend has hit the Internet. The Game revealed on IG that Meek Mill’s crew jumped Beans for revealing that he helped Meek in the studio with his Game diss song “Ooouu.”

The clip shows Dreamchasers member Teefy Bey being dragged out of the area — and a man laid out on the floor.


In an interview with Hop Hop Since 1987, Teefy denied that Beans wrote lyrics for Omelly or Meek, saying, [“O’s was already done. Then Mack came in, was trying to help Omelly out not with no lyric writing – putting emphasis on saying your verse, like, ‘Say this stronger.’ You know what I’m saying. Everybody was in there just feeding off each other going at the Game because he’s a sucker.”

When asked about knocking Beans out he laughed and said, ” . . . I mean, you know. I think he passed out from his diabetic medication.”

He then added, [ . . . y’all see how I just explained all that history? How we pray and bump. We got respect for him and how we let him come to the studio to jump on the joint and all that. And then he backdoored with Game and them, telling information that only the camp know. And not the information that you wrote something, because you didn’t. The information was more worse than that, for the people. And then some other things came into play that I don’t wanna talk about. . . . But at the end of the day . . . You broke the code of ethics of the streets, Beans, with that move, bro.

Teefy continued, “And a whole lotta other stuff  that I can’t talk about…that ain’t cool neither. I got real reasons to be mad at Mack. I always treated him with respect even though it was a lot out there he coulda been got knocked out for, but at the end of the day, that was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.”



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