Last week at a New Music showcase in Manhattan.  New Jersey showed out! Music fans packed out downtown NYC’s club, eventually causing such a scene outside, that the cops shut it down mid-way during the showcase.

New Jersey native rap duo, Naughty By Nature was in the building.  Treach fired off on an emotion filled tirade accusing the venue of slighting his home-state, as well as mentions of police brutality.

Authorities cut off the show around 10pm. Shortly after the announcement, Treach walked on stage, grabbed the mic and began his self-deemed long-overdue rant.

Jersey gets shut down all the f****n’ time because we’re not from New York,” said Treach to a “beyond capacity” filled crowd. “Y’all are not going to do that s**t to us.”

The normally mum rapper spoke of lack of appreciation for NJ talent and encouraged the crowd keep working so that the state can overcome what he believes is slight. Treach also attempted to get the rowdy crowd under control by telling them not to attack nearing authorities. “Walk out of here safely, cause these cops are looking for a reason to shoot us,” he said.

A few cell phones caught  pieces of the rant and posted them to Instagram.

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