(Photo Credit: YouTube)

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

What does your dog say about you? No, not what did they say behind your back once you left them home all day and had the nerve to return home without flowers or even a Scooby snack.

But what kind of dog would you want to date? No, seriously.

They say people end up looking like their pets or that pets act like their owners, and there could be some truth to that.

Think about your dog or pet. Does their personality match, resemble or go well with yours? Just like we do with one another, humans attract or seek animals with whom they have chemistry. Yes! The love you have your pet is kinetic! There could even be like a physical attraction!

Before this conversation goes in the wrong direction, let’s reel it in a bit. For clarification purposes, what we’re trying to illustrate here is that certain PEOPLE select certain dogs, pets or animals that are after their own hearts. So what does your dog say about you? Click here to see this funny video on “What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners” .


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