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Twitter dragged Dr. Dre on Saturday night (October 16th) after Michel’le’s biopic Surviving Compton aired on Lifetime. The film details the singer’s singing career with Ruthless Records and her abusive relationships with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. Before the film aired, Dre’s lawyers sent Sony a cease and desist letter with the threat of legal action if the film aired. In the letter, he denied ever abusing Michel’le and said that she never hinted that he was a violent person in the 30 years since they’ve dated, nor had she ever gone to the hospital or filed a police report to back up her claims.

During the film, Black Twitter went in on Dre, with one person writing, “I guess Dr. Dre can go ahead &file that lawsuit. Cuz he is def made out to be a woman beater throughout the whole movie. #SurvivingCompton.” Another wrote, “Dr Dre is a deadbeat dad and woman beater and people still buy beats by Dre. Give ‘beats’ a whole new meaning. #SurvivingCompton.”

More reactions to Surviving Compton:

@sabarankss: “I can’t with this… Oct 15th 2016 is the day I boycott beats by Dre #SurvivingCompton.”

@HolevasT: “me: *watches #survivingcompton* dr dre: BUY MY NEW BEATS!!! me: “

@julietvictor14: “Bye Dre . . . I’ve loved your music since I was 10. I can’t support any more music or anyone u support. yeah, its only cents but cents turn to millions. RIP Dre.”

@beleveinmagic: “All the 90’s babies watching #SurvivingCompton like. Cuz BAYBBEEE we ain’t know! We thought Dr. Dre was a god.”

@__Gypsy__Doll__: “I officially LOST RESPECT and HATE @drdre #SurvivingCompton.”

@cartierburgundy: “people are saying they won’t support Dr Dre and won’t buy his headphones anymore. y’all like a billion dollars late. #SurvivingCompton.”

@JaleeTGOD: “#survivingCompton . . . Dre smh. I had no idea. . . shug ain’t surprised me at all. But Dre!? Wow!”

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