ll cool j and ryan 2Remember Prom season?

Remember the day of when you were planning your outfit down to the last button?  You just knew that everyone was going to say something about your style and talk all night about your new tux or dress…..  That’s until you arrive to the party… and someone else is wearing the same thing! ACK!

That’s what happened to LL Cool J and Ryan Seacrest during the red carpet entrance at this year’s 2015 Grammy awards.

ll cool j and ryan 1

It’s a major disaster if two female stars walk the red carpet in the same dress or similar ones, but when two guys end up matching the same joke comes to mind — twins!

It’s extra funny considering the difference in how they look in every other way. Seacrest joked he was wearing the kids’ version and LL had the adult size.

Who wore it best? LL Cool J or Ryan Seacrest?

Comment below!

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