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Captain AmericaHulk and the crew will soon have another ally: Spider-Man.

Marvel announced a deal with Sony to have Spider-Man appear with the Avengers in their upcoming movies. According to a press release from Marvel, Spider-Man will arrive in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe film, which is the name of the universe the Avengers inhabit, so at some point he will be introduced to the superheroes everyone has grown to love. This does not include the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron or Ant Man, but rumor has it the web slinger could be in Captain America 3: Civil War.

If you are confused by all of this, here are the basics. In the 90s Marvel sold the rights to Spider-Man films to Sony, so until today only Sony could make Spider-Man movies. Although Marvel still owns the Spider-Man comics and could use him in any of their comic books, they could not have Spider-Man appear in their recent Avengers movies. Now with this announcement Marvel has legal permission to use Spider-Man in their movies. Fox also owns the Fantastic Four and X-Men rights on the film side, so for now Wolverine or the Thing cannot kick butt with Iron Man and Doctor Strange at the movies.

Sony will actually be making a sequel to Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Marvel co-producing it, but Andrew Garfield is supposedly not playing the web crawler anymore. A a new actor has not been named to replace him yet. As part of this deal several upcoming Marvel films were pushed back a few months, including Black Panther and Thor 3.

This announcement now makes any film with the Avengers that much better. Batman and Superman, the ball is in your court.

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