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The “Mo-City Don” stays busy with another LP dropping next week.

Z-Ro’s second album of 2016 will arrive November 11th, the new album is called Legendary.

A lot of my sh** that I know is going to do numbers, and if I’m f****n’ with somebody new, I’m not finna give you my A1 sh**,” Z-Ro explained to XXL. “I’m finna give you my B2 sh**. Drankin’ & Drivin’ is some dope sh** but I got some dope sh** lined up after this that’s already ready. I want to see what’s going to happen with Drankin’ & Drivin’ before I turn in Ghetto Gospel, before I turn in Rotha Vandross Sings the Blues, before I turn in Legendary.”

The Houston rap veteran also stated his frustrations in the past not getting the national recognition he felt it deserved.

I’ve turned in great bodies of work [but] when m***af****s take it and leave it [on the shelf], I don’t like that sh**,” Z-Ro said. “So pretty soon I’m finna to stop giving you sh** that you’re going to leave right there and nobody going to know about. I’ve done, in my opinion and plenty of others, some masterpieces and them sh**s don’t get out of Houston.

You can pre-order Legendary right now on iTunes. Check out the album’s track-list below.

1. “Never Wrote”

2. “Og”

3. “Drank and Smoke”

4. “My Time”

5. “I Know”

6. “Ain’t No Love”

7. “I Can” Feat. Mike D

8. “Skrewed Up”

9. “I’m Good”

10. “It’s Ok” Feat. Just Brittany

11. “One Deep 4 Life”

12. “Out His Mind”

13. “Thru the City”

14 .”Dome, Kush and Codeine”

15. “Come With Me”


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