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The ex-president of Cuba Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90 and his death has gotten a number of comments from critics, supporters and people all walks of life.

New York legend Nas also offered a decidedly noncommittal view that bordered on support. The community that follows the QB rapper criticized him for his commentary.

What seemed like a conciliatory remark that catered to both sides, sparked a voracious debate in the comments section of the rapper’s Instagram.


It wasn’t all bad for Nas. Some commentators offered varying degrees of support or the rapper.

One person: “No disrespect to you or your people’s dealings but I know when it came down to dealings with my personal African American heroes and Fidel, he was always an ally and comrade. For people to come on here and cuss out others for their personal views/beliefs is just preposterous to me.”



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