Dr. Heavenly Kimes from Bravo’s “Married To Medicine” is not only a dentist, but also a relationship expert. When she came through for a visit to the studio, she talked to a skeptical Ed Lover about the benefits of a vision board, and why its effectiveness is “biblical,” not just a bunch of frivolousness. Then, she broke down how women can get better at putting themselves out there in the dating game, so as to attract the kind of man they want and deserve.

She gives tips on becoming the kind of woman that attracts the kind of man you want. Ultimately, how we take care of ourselves is shows others how to treat us, so she gives some tips on how we can better ourselves so we’re not only ready for the man of our dreams, but our very existence invites them in. Check out this exclusive video to hear more from this interview on the “Ed Lover Show.”

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