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A substitute teacher presented 6th graders a poem to learn from hip hop greatest story-teller, Slick Rick.

Slick Rick’s classic “A Children’s Story” is a morality tale about right and wrong, but parents in Virginia found the song’s lyrics inappropriate to teach in a 6th grade class.

According to, a substitute teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School use Rick’s song to teach 6th graders about figurative language. When parent Ashley Ehrhardt’s son came home with a “poem” to study and recite, she was livid when she read the lyrics. Apparently, the “poem” was actually lyrics to Rick’s classic song.

When the Virginia television station contacted the school, administrators admitted that a substitute teacher presented a curriculum that wasn’t approved by the school.

See the 13 News Now report about the incident; click here.

Suffolk Public Schools Public Information Officer Bethanne Bradshaw issued the following statement:

A parent contacted the JFKMS principal on Friday (Dec. 16) concerned about the passage some sixth-grade teacher had used earlier in the week. The principal met with those teachers to discuss how it was inappropriate, and they agreed it should not have been used during the lesson. School administrators will more closely monitor their lesson plans, supplemental materials, and assignments. SPS encourages teachers to be creative, but they are also expected to exercise a high degree of professional judgment in their selection and use of supplemental materials, to ensure that the use of such materials serve to both support and complement the lesson. The principal will be sending a letter home to parents as well.”

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