Photo Credit: Getty Images North America/Erika Goldring/Stringer

Photo Credit: Getty Images North America/Erika Goldring/Stringer

The rapper Juvenile has made a name for his contributions to New Orleans’ and the hip hop music scene.

Now he tries his hand in acting with a supporting role in the New Orleans-shot feature film “The Power of Few,” a crime drama in which he co-stars alongside Christopher Walken, Christian Slater and Anthony Anderson. It opens Today (Feb. 20) for a run at Theaters in New Orleans at Canal Place as well as Baton Rouge’s Perkins Rowe.

The Power of Few

Directed by Leone Marucci, the film recounts the same bloody afternoon from the perspective of several different characters. Without giving anything away, Juvenile’s character — a thug who is out for a measure of revenge — plays a key role in the film’s third-act payoff, which not only culminates in an anti-violence message but that also suggests books shouldn’t necessarily be judged by their covers.

Working alongside such big names was a heady experience for the rapper, who admits that he’s not above being starstruck. But it’s also possibly the start of a sideline career for him, as he says acting is something he’d like to pursue.

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