Ludacris is in a good space in his life right now.

The rapper thinks all rappers act, but a career in front of the camera is harder than it looks.

Ludacris doesn’t regret turning down a role in American Gangster.

The U.S. rapper is better known for his music than his acting, but with recurring roles in the Fast & Furious franchise he has established himself on screen too.

It’s not so easy to blend both careers and the 37-year-old had to turn down a prolific movie role in the past so he could concentrate on putting a record together.

“I make sacrifices all the time for music or movies, just because I’m focusing on one. I was supposed to be in American Gangster with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, but I turned it down so I could finish recording Release Therapy. And I actually won a Grammy for that album, so that’s something I don’t regret,” he told Billboard magazine. “I set out to win best rap album that year, and that’s what I did. I can guarantee I would not have the album turned in on time if I took a month to do that movie.”

Ice Cube sat me down one day and said, ‘Be patient and pick the right roles, as opposed to taking whatever comes to you.’ He said that over time, it’s going to pay off. That’s exactly the path that I’m on: I’m ­strategic and selective about everything I do.”

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