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There’s trouble in paradise. To be more precise, Fyre Festival, organized by Ja Rule and hyped up by Kendall Jenner, is a total mess. Advertised as a luxury music, art, and food festival on a private island in the Bahamas is proving to be anything but.

Everything that could go wrong with a huge event like this, seems to be happening right before our eyes. After shelling out for tickets ranging from $2,000-$12K, attendees are understandably not having it. Flights have been cancelled, headliners have dropped from the show, sub-par food, insufficient lodgings and so much more.

Many would-be festival goers are exposing the festival for what it is via social media. A Twitter account @FyreFraud was even created. Those who are trying to get the heck out of dodge are finding themselves stranded at the airport as flights have been grounded.

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