This morning on the Boom Juice Crew we are talking about which decade made the best hip hop music. Is it the 1980’s or 1990’s? Why are we even having this discussion. This is open and shut without a doubt its the 80’s.

I could really shut this whole conversation down by only citing Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five groundbreaking hit from 1982 “The Message”. The lyrical social commentary on this song is unparralelled in this or any other decade. (Ok PE’s “Fight The Power is a close second…but I digress.)

To prove my point here are 10 songs from the 80’s that kill anything that was ever put out in the 90’s and to challenge myself I did not include one Run-DMC song. Because that just wouldn’t even be fair.

Top Rap Songs From the 80’s That Kill The 90’s (without using Run-DMC)
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