(Photo Credit: YouTube)

(Photo Credit: YouTube)


Information leaked about a woman streaming live sex-shows to paying customers at a public library during operating hours.

Windsor Public Library is pushing for a formal investigation regarding this woman, who goes by the name “Little Secret,” and her lewd acts in a public place people use for intellectual purposes.

Dozens of live sex shows where she is flashing and using sex toys on herself in front of the web cam were taped while people were around her studying or using their computers. Even more disturbing, you can see in the video from CBC News, a child approach her as she is about to unbutton her blouse. Little secret quickly covers herself and convinces the child to go to a different part of the library.

The library did have a complaint regarding a woman taking inappropriate pictures inside the building, but so far no legal action against Little Secret in regards to the sex videos has taken place.

Take a look below to see where and how she orchestrated the live web-cam sex shows [Images below might be offensive for viewers]:


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