Amir Diamond Photoshoot

Source: Amir Diamond Photoshoot / RunHou

It was a hot summer Friday night in Houston when I was driving to a friend’s apartment. I get to my destination, get out of the whip (car), and lock the vehicle. I walk to the side of the gate and just as I reach for the door knob, my phone slips out of my hand. GOODNESS GRACIOUS! It falls face flat on the concrete. I pick it up, slowly flip it over to see if any damage is done and sure enough….there was! It wasn’t just a minor scratch; my iPhone 7 deserves it’s own funeral service. SMH RIP I don’t know how I’m surviving without my lifeline, my heartbeart, my soul mate! LOL My replacement device arrives manana. This has been the longest 3-4 days EVER!!!

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