Two smiling female friends driniking coffee and taking selfie

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In our social media driven world, taking a selfie is as natural as breathing. So taking a selfie at an art exhibit is a must, and it’s all about the angles when trying to get the best shots. However, one young woman found out the hard way, taking selfies can come at a cost.

While visiting the exhibit featuring artwork by Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch at The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, the young woman fell over from posing for the selfie. This caused a domino effect, knocking over an entire row of sculptures.

The installation the woman knocked over was a collaboration called “Hypercaine” between Birch and other artists including Gabriel Chan, Jacob Blitzer, and Gloria Yu.

“Three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees,” Yu told Hyperallergic. “The approximate cost of damage is $200,000.”

Here’s the installation before the carnage.

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