Twitter suspends thousands of accounts for pro-terrorism and violence contents

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Nick Lutz, a student at the University of Central Florida, is being suspended by the school due to an infamous tweet posted earlier this year. Following a break up, Lutz blocked his ex on all social media, so she went old school and sent him apology letter. Apparently Lutz wasn’t up for accepting the apology and instead graded the letter for grammatical mistakes and posted his corrections to Twitter. This post of course went viral.

His ex complained to UCF, claiming she was “cyberbullied”. Lutz soon found himself suspended from the university for “disruptive conduct” and “harmful behavior” for the next two semesters delaying his senior year and graduation. Talk about consequences.

Read here on what his lawyer has to say.

What do you think? Does the punishment fit the crime or is this even worth punishing?

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan

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