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Amir Diamond RUN HOU

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I think we all go through moments where we feel as though our good deeds go unnoticed. I do a lot for both:

  • the people closest to me, and
  • strangers.

Recently, I’ve been taking care of my teenage cousin. Anybody who’s been a teenager (or has teenage kids) knows how difficult that could be. It’s one thing to be responsible for yourself. It’s another thing to be responsible for a whole ‘nother human being. My cousin recently got a job and when payday hit, he surprised me by taking me out for breakfast! I wasn’t expecting him to try to pay me back for my assistance over the past few months, but the thought that he cares enough to take that initiative MEANS THE WOOOOORLD TO ME. Thanks, cuz! You have grown up to become a dope, young man. Keep up the great work. I’m proud of you!

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