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Single Mom of 4 Sought For Record Deal After Lullaby Goes Viral


There’s nothing like being a Mother. It is the single most fulfilling honor and responsibility ever created.

Not everyone is equipped to do the job, but for those of us who take it on whole heartedly, daily, the joy is unspeakable.

One of my favorite past times is creating original, spontaneous and sometimes ridiculous songs with my 2-year old. Mommy is far from a singer, but my son enjoys it just the same.

Kimberly Henderson, a mother of a precious baby was caught on youtube singing her version of Sam Smith’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”. She wooed her baby, and at the same time wowed viewers, so much so, that the facebook post received over 20 million views. Needless to say, record labels are now pounding on her door to sign her. Click here to see the video and read more on this story.

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