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What’s up H-town?! I’m On Air Laura and you can hear me on Radio Now every Monday through Friday, 2-7pm. I’ve only lived here for a few months, but I’m already so in love with this wonderful city. Well, I love everything except your insane humidity! Over the past few months, I’ve learned there is no point in trying when it comes to my hair, because the second I step outside it goes up into a top bun. When I’m not on the radio, I’m either trying a new restaurant or a new recipe. Whether it’s food or travel, you could say I’m an adventure seeker. Book me a ticket anywhere in the world and I’ll not only explore it, but capture every moment on my GoPro so you can feel like you were right there with me. When it comes to sports, I can definitely hang with the guys as long as it’s NFL or MLB, but I will always root for my Boston home teams. My happy place is concerts. From Ed Sheeran to Rascal Flatts to Drake, I love all genres and I’m not afraid to admit I definitely sing along to musical soundtracks at the top of my lungs while sitting in traffic. You’ll find my YouTube history is full of makeup tutorials and if it has sparkles, I have to have it.  If you’re wondering where I get all my energy from, it’s because I am addicted to coffee.  I need at least 2 cups a day to even form comprehensive sentences. On the weekends and sometimes a random Tuesday night, you can find me on the dance floor making a fool of myself, but after a long day I believe yoga pants, Netflix and a glass of red wine will make any problem disappear!

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