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West Coast legend DJ Quik gave his thoughts about other Californians connected to the culture of Hip Hop, including his thoughts about the ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding 2Pac’s life and death.

DJ Quik spoke to Montreality about the reality and illusion of 2Pac, “There’s no conspiracy when it comes to 2Pac. The reality is 2Pac had got disillusioned with the way business worked, not getting his full respect, not getting the money that he knew he deserved,” stated Quik. “He was like a business magnate and mogul in and off himself. But he was signed to somebody, so he couldn’t really shine the way he wanted to shine… I just don’t think Suge took care of 2Pac the way he could have.

Quik added that once Pac joined Death Row Records he became angrier and disconnected and places some of the blame for Pac’s downfall on his association with Death Row. Quik did defend the label’s co-founder Suge Knight who is currently facing a murder charge for a hit-and-run incident.

This seems like the time where everybody wants to be down on him, smash him, and [say], ‘Good for him,’” said Quik. “But this is the time when we shouldn’t. Obviously, he’s going through something physical and mental. This is when you embrace people.

DJ Quik also spoke about the Suge Knight Murder Trial, his relationship with Dr. Dre, and Kendrick’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly,’ album.

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