A California man won $1 million from a scratch-off ticket after his wife scolded him for buying too many lottery tickets according to UPI.

” Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza was so wary of his wife finding out about his lotto purchases that he hid in the bathroom to scratch them off, according to a California Lottery press release.

Beltran-Meza bought two California Black Premium Scratchers for $10 each. The first turned out to be a loser, but the second was the $1 million winner. That’s when Beltran-Meza summoned the courage to tell his wife about his deeds.

“You said I’m never going to win and there I won, there’s proof,” Beltran-Meza told his wife, delivering the good news.

The couple said they will use some of the money to put toward their retirement.n”

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