Bite Size Snickers

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The OG Snickers Bar will always be #1 in my book, but what kind of foodie would I be if I wasn’t excited to try something new?

The candy bar you know and love is changing it up in 2018 and adding some new varieties, with flavor-infused nougat. (You didn’t think they would say goodbye to the peanuts, caramel and chocolate did you?)

The new flavors will include Fiery (chili pepper), Espresso and Sweet & Salty (salted caramel).

They are calling it the Snickers Hunger Bar Collection, and each bar will have a different word basically describing the type of “hungry” you are, Wimpy, Irritable or Indecisive.

PopSugar was able to give them a try, CLICK HERE to find out what they thought!


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