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I was asked recently at a conference in LA why do I fight for animals so much? I have spoken on this many times in the past but I think it's important to revisit this subject. To echo what I have stated previously on this platform and at the conference: I simply can't sit on the sidelines and ignore or watch animals suffer. I just can't. I feel, no sane man or woman can accept this honestly as a reality or the norm once they truly become fully conscious and understand the facts surrounding animal agriculture. Listen, I was not born vegan. I ate meat like most of the 7 billion plus people in the world. However, I woke up. When I say "I woke up", I mean it. I woke up my mind. Specifically, my conscious. I achieved a level of critical thinking that does not allow me to return to my past state of ignorance. Meaning, it makes no sense for me to go back to old habits and a way of life that equally contributes to sickness, pain and suffering, as well as murder and death.

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