Full Frame Shot Of Pepperoni Pizza

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Dreams really do come true!

I have never wanted to get pregnant so bad in my life until I found out that you can create a Domino’s Pizza Baby Registry!

This is one of the most thoughtful ideas I’ve ever heard of. Think about it, baby cravings? Pizza is top of the list!

Yes of course you need stuff like baby clothes, diapers and car seats, but how amazing does it sound knowing you have free pizza at your fingertips? No need for mommy-to-be to cook or have to be on those aching feet!

Head to DominosBabyRegistry.com and you will find some creative packages are available like the “Hormonal and Hangry”, which appears to have a full spread of all their menu options.

The website does also offer baby swag like onesies, bottles and other registry essentials.

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